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Debbie LaChusa, The Business Stylist


Debbie LaChusa has over 26 years of marketing experience, not to mention the degree and the corporate “real life” experience to back up that claim. She coaches people on how to brand themselves and reach their success, and now, she offers these same principles in an affordable study-at-your-own-pace udemy course. Tune in to meet Ms. LaChusa and gather some useful tips to help you to start thinking about your next step on your path to branding yourself.

Unique Selling Proposition * Marketing Momentum w/Charles & Deborah


Have you defined your unique selling proposition? Have you defined your target audience? Is it a fit for what your audience is looking for in your product or service? Is it a fit for what you offer? Charles and Deborah talk it out loud, using Hangout Queen as an example of a reposition of the unique selling proposition.

Don Sturgill, Word of Wisdom


Listen as master storyteller and gifted writer, Don Sturgill, shares philosophies on life and his love of the pursuit of wisdom.

Patrick Schwerdtfeger, Keynote Speaker (BookPatrick.com)


Ever wanted to reap the benefits of being a Keynote speaker? You can do it! Patrick Schwerdtfeger share his story of how he become an international keynote speaker and gives tips on how you can do it, too.

Hanging out in the community

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